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Become a power MIDI user with KBD-Infinity software. AMac (the Accompaniment Machine) is a versatile system to create accompaniments for solo or group performances and to expand the capabilities of digital keyboards. Use Style Master to create Yamaha-format styles or to tune existing styles for your keyboard. The MIDI Utility Pack includes essential utilities for anyone who wants to learn MIDI or apply it in their performances. With Pancho, easily create scores and accompaniments for your instrumental or vocal performances from any MIDI file. MIDI Doctor is an invaluable tool to repair and to customize downloaded MIDI files. M2A (under development) allows direct MIDI control of the Arduino Mega2560 board. Use it to drive MIDI-controlled analog instruments like pipe organs and carillons or to create your own instrument. Packages run on Windows computers (32 or 64 bit, XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

The Accompaniment Machine

Accompaniment Machine screenshot

AMac (the Accompaniment Machine) is a powerful utility to create accompaniments for solo or group performances and to boost the power of digital keyboards. Even a beginning keyboardist can sound like a pro. The key is the programís ability to access the thousands of Yamaha-format keyboard styles available on the Internet. The program provides a virtual backup band for your keyboard, instrumental or vocal performances.
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Style Master

Style Master screenshot

Style Master is an essential tool to work with Yamaha-format keyboard accompaniment styles. There are three main functions: 1) Fine-tune the instrumentation and volume balance of styles. With this feature, you can use all styles available on the Internet, even if they weren't designed for your keyboard. 2) Correct common errors and save styles in a clean, standardized format. 3) Edit and create styles using any MIDI editor.
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MIDI Utility Pack

MIDI Microscope screenshot

The MIDI Utility Pack includes six essential programs for MIDI users. MIDI Microscope displays the binary content of MIDI files cross-linked with text descriptions of the commands. MiniMIDI Player is a compact MIDI file player. With MiniMIDI Recorder, you can record your electronic keyboard performances and save them as MIDI files. MIDI File Manager is a versatile file manager with special features to organize MIDI files. Tempus Fugit is a digital metronome with advanced features for MIDI devices. MIDI Typer converts MIDI files between Type 0 and Type 1 formats. Click here for program information

Pancho screenshot
Pick any song or classical work you'd like to perform. Imagine that in a few minutes you could have:
♦ A printed score of your solo part.
♦ A custom accompaniment to play on your computer or keyboard.

It sounds amazing, but it's easy with Pancho. The Pancho system can transform any of thousands of available MIDI files into quality performance vehicles. The program can change the range and key to match your instrument, modify the accompaniment instrumentation to achieve a special sound and play the accompaniment on your computer or keyboard with measure synchronization for practice or performance.
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MIDI Doctor

MIDI Doctor screenshot

There are thousands of MIDI files available for download on the Internet, and most of them have at least one problem. MIDI Doctor has five main functions: 1) quickly make custom settings like channel voices (instrumentation), 2) delete unwanted or unnecessary information following your specifications, 3) correct the order of MIDI messages and store files in a standard Type 1 format 4) remove selected channels (e.g., delete the solo part to make an accompaniment) and 5) transpose the key signature or note range.
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Sound Management

Sound Management

Sound Management is an essential utility if you work with audio files (MP3, WAV, ...). It combines the functions of a versatile file manager, audio player/previewer and a playlist organizer. The file manager includes a fast search function and special tools to back up audio collections and to compute the total duration of file sets. With the previewer, you can skip to different positions in a file and determine precise timings. Build playlists easily by selecting files from the navigation windows. Advanced playlist features include volume equalization and custom start/stop times for each file.
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M2A is a MIDI file player that can simultaneously drive MIDI devices and the Arduino Mega2560 board. The program was created for the digital control of physical devices synchronized to music. Target devices include pipe organs, carillons, keyboard instruments, light shows, artistic installations, percussion ensembles and experimental acoustical instruments.
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Hear M2A in action controlling a harpsichord (Domenico Scarlatti, Sonatas 70, 71 and 72).