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ABook Reader

ABook Reader instruction manual ABook Reader is a utility for listening to audio books on PCs and Macs. Here, an audio book is defined as a set of MP3 files. The files have names that allow them to be arranged in sequential order, from the beginning to the end of the book. ABook Reader is dedicated to a single task: reading books. It does not require you to arrange items in a playlist, specify your "favorites" or download data from the Internet. Accordingly, the controls have a easily-understood logic and the program footprint is small. ABook Reader has several useful capabilities:
  • Loads and stores resources for any number of books.
  • Automatically arranges book files.
  • Remembers and restores the current reading position of all books.
  • Displays the full file set, making it easy to see the current position in the book.
  • Allows setting any number of bookmarks and skipping to different positions.
ABook Reader is distributed at no cost and is free of advertisements. The program runs autonomously and makes no communication with the Internet. Please contact us at info@kbd-infinity.com to request the program. Be sure to specify PC or Mac.

MIDI Microscope screenshot
ABook Reader screenshots.