Accompaniment Machine Style Sets

Downloadable libraries of styles for the Accompaniment Machine. The files are in PureStyle format — they produce high-quality sound with any keyboard, synthesizer or soundfont.
  • Ballad Style Set: 319 styles for ballads.

  • Big Song Style Collection: 4,123 styles organized by suggested song.

  • Christmas Style Set: 165 styles for the holiday season.

  • Country Style Set: 113 styles for Country/Western songs.

  • Dance Style Set: 313 styles for ballroom, disco and modern dances.

  • Jazz and Swing Style Set: 326 styles for jazz selections.

  • Keyboard Style Set: Conversion of the style set supplied with Yamaha Genos keyboards, 653 styles.

  • Latin Style Set: 453 styles for latin songs.

  • Polka and March Style Set: 100 styles for polkas and marches.

  • Pop Style Set: 309 styles for modern pop songs.

  • Rock Style Set: 205 styles for rock selections.

  • Show and Movie Style Set: 95 styles for movie and broadway selections.

  • Soul, Rhythm and Blues: 67 styles.

  • Triple Time: 281 styles in triple meter.

  • World Style Set: Ethnic sounds, 373 styles from around the world.

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