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Johann Sebastian Bach MIDI Archive
Complete Works for Solo Keyboard

A standardized, comprehensive collection of the solo keyboard works of Bach prepared with MIDI Doctor. All works are scored for harpsichord as intended by the composer. For authenticity, all NoteOn messages are sent at the same volume.

English Suites: BachEnglishSuites.zip
French Suites: BachFrenchSuites.zip
Goldberg Variations: BachGoldbergVariations.zip
Kunst Der Fuge, Part 1: BachKunstDerFuge01(BWV1080).zip
Kunst Der Fuge, Part 2: BachKunstDerFuge02(BWV1080).zip
Three Part Inventions: BachThreePartInventions.zip
Toccatas: BachToccatas.zip
Two Part Inventions: BachTwoPartInventions.zip
Well Tempered Clavier Book 1: BachWellTemperedClavierBook1.zip
Well Tempered Clavier Book 2: BachWellTemperedClavierBook2.zip