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Computer Task Organizer (CTO)

Computer Task Organize instruction manual

Working with a computer involves many redundant activities. Most of them require running a program and finding a file. In a typical work day, tasks may involve the same twenty files. Twenty buttons would go a long way to reducing aggravation and inefficiency. The idea of the Computer Task Organizer (CTO) is to push one button for each task in a day. The program, available for PCs, makes it easy to define a task.

The figure shows the CTO interface. You can define up to six categories of tasks, represented by the colored buttons at the top. A category is a list of activities. Each line represents a document (text file, spreadsheet, html page, pdf file, Internet site,). The line contains the name of the activity, the program used and the corresponding document (or URL). Clicking a button on the left runs the program and opens the document. CTO operation is simple. Whenever you find yourself doing something you did before, go to the appropriate category and press the New entry button to add a dummy task at the bottom of the list. Right-click the Task name entry to enter edit mode, then type the name. Left-click the Task program entry to call a pick-file dialog, then navigate to the program directory and choose it. Finally, left-click the Task document entry and choose the target document. The CTO window is resizeable and the program preserves all settings between sessions.

Computer Task Organizer is distributed at no cost and is free of advertisements. The program runs autonomously and makes no communication with the Internet. Please contact us at info@kbd-infinity.com to request the program.

Computer Task Organizer screenshot
Computer Task Organizer interface.